Institute of Materials Processing (IMP)


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The Institute of Materials Processing (IMP) is an innovative, multi-disciplined, non-profit, industrially oriented research and development center. IMP:

• Holds over 60 patents
• Located in a $47.7 million dollar research facility on campus
• Funded solely from royalties and research projects

IMP has been providing entrepreneurs and industry with the resources to study minerals, environmental concerns and materials processing for over 40 years. Having completed over 1200 projects for clientele such as The Ford Motor Company, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, U.S. Steel, INCO, Pfizer, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Cleveland Cliffs, and numerous small firms, the IMP provides a broad spectrum of services to the development and implementation of new processes. Confidential and or proprietary projects are routinely conducted. With each stage of development, from project conception to plant commissioning, the ideal method to ensure a feasible project is through material characterization and analysis, properly engineered laboratory studies, pilot plant runs, and final circuit refinement.

Staffed by full-time research engineers, scientists, and technicians from diverse scientific backgrounds, who are dedicated to assisting industry in problem-solving through the use of $20 million dollars’ worth of advanced analytical instruments and modern processing equipment, with immediate access to the resources of one the of the largest engineering schools in United States. We at the Institute of Materials Processing can assist you in meeting the challenges associated with each phase of your project’s development, from preliminary studies to the final design and construction of a commercial operation.