Michigan Forest Biomaterials Institute

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The Michigan Forest Biomaterials Institute (MiFBI) works to promote economic development concerning the growth, utilization, and recycling of forest biomaterials. We aim to identify resources and incentives needed to develop a high, sustainable quality of life in Michigan through the optimal use of natural resources.

MiFBI is a broad coalition of stakeholders across industry, academia, and government dedicated to growing the state’s economy by expanding the use and value of forest biomaterials while enhancing the quality of local communities and our environment. MiFBI is headquartered at MTUnological University and takes advantage of the research and development capabilities of MTU and its partner Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan.

We define forest biomaterials as any organic materials that are grown in and extracted from forest ecosystems. While “traditional” wood products hold tremendous value as a forest biomaterial, the initiative includes a wide range of possibilities including non-timber forest products.

The full value of our forest resources is still unknown and complex social, technological, and ecological challenges wait to be resolved. However, communities and businesses can (and many have) already engage in the bio-based economic sector, as there is an array of commercial product and process technologies currently available. A sustainable future will not emerge spontaneously and it will not be based on non-renewable resources. We will need to strive toward a sustainable future and wise use of our forests is a fundamental part of the answer.