Michigan Technological University (MTU)


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MTU is the innovation pipeline for the region. MTU has expertise and a strong reputation in advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and engineering. MTU was awarded designation as the Advanced Materials innovation hub center in the State of Michigan through the Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) program. Under MTRAC, the Michigan Strategic Fund (“MSF”) is providing grant funding to accelerate technology transfer from several Michigan institutions of higher education in a limited number of technology areas such as automotive technologies (University of Michigan), agriculture technologies (Michigan State University), life sciences (University of Michigan), and advanced materials (MTU). The AMMP Accelerator and Seed Fund will provide further outlets for the research conducted at MTU students and faculty.

MTU’s Materials Science and Engineering Department (MSE) has world class production prototyping facilities which include a foundry for casting, and extrusion. Strengths are with aluminum, alloy development, additives and wire/WAAM, primarily for use as consumables. MSE partners with other departments including individuals with expertise in fields such as forestry biomaterials, space technologies, physics and biomedical, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering to assist with materials research, development and commercialization.

MTU also has established relationships with corporate strategic partners and a rich network of business development, research, and product development, and technology scout contacts, as well as a deep familiarity with product and technology needs in the advanced materials and manufacturing process technology areas. These relationships and experience will enable efficient connections between corporate strategic needs and client capabilities.

Within MTU are several specialized Centers and Institutes.